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Our investment criteria

At Balance Capital, our goal is to find a single, well-run business that has a track record of profitability and growth. We understand that every business is unique, and we're open to discussions if your business matches our overall vision but doesn't meet every criteria.

Target Companies

  • Strong management / tenured workforce

  • Identifiable competitive advantage or unique selling point

  • Low customer concentration / diversified customer base

  • Recurring or repeat revenue

Industry Profile

Preference for business services (B2B) in industries with: ​​

  • Low business cycle exposure

  • Less susceptibility to regulatory changes

  • Sectors where technology adoption can drive significant value creation

Financial Profile

  • $750,000 to $2.0 million in EBITDA

  • $2.5+ million revenue

  • Cash flow positive for at least 3 years

  • Low capex requirement

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